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Amy Roberts
Amy Roberts
Instructor, New York City CEO at Healthy Bytes
Data Data

Dr. Amy Roberts is a data scientist, a founder, and a hacker. Her passion for data science got started as a masters student at Columbia University where she worked on sleep deprivation trials. While doing her PhD in Nutrition Epidemiology at UNC, she discovered her love of big data, complex survey weighting, and beautiful code. She was in the Fall 2013 batch of Recurse Center (formally Hacker School) where she created an app that used python, image processing and Google Glass to cheat at Blackjack. These days she is working to bring modern tools, and simple, meaningful analytics to allied health through her company Healthy Bytes which got it's start after a GA MVP course! When she's not using data to solve public health problems, Amy is using it to maintain her impressive mental list of amazing restaurants in NY.