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Brayden Varr
Brayden Varr
Senior Art Director, iProspect
Marketing Marketing Design Design

Brayden Varr is an Art Director at iProspect, practicing strategic lead creative telling an engaging story. In his spare time, Brayden serves as a guest lecturer with Emerson College and Suffolk University in Boston, MA. In his instructional role at GA, Brayden hopes to equip and empower the designers of tomorrow with everything and anything they need to know to stand out in today's world.

Being born into the digital world, he posses a strong understanding of experience and visual design, but loves to work and think holistically, whether in be print, OOH, social, TV, or beyond. Always excited by new technologies and how they can be leveraged to tell a more impactful story, Brayden first adheres to a strict focus on the idea before all else.