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Keith O'Brien
Keith O'Brien
Chief Product and Operating Officer & Co-Founder, Blackpurl
Data Data Marketing Marketing Design Design Management Management Coding Coding

Keith O'Brien brings 18 years of product development expertise to General Assembly, from a background that began in engineering. Keith's across-the-grid experience encompasses developing and launching music, TV, games, apps, books, education products and more in the UK, Europe and Australia. From launching market-defining products and services for large blue-chip global organisations, Keith has helped to enable traditional technology based businesses such as Samsung, Vodafone, & British Telecom become product and marketing led businesses.

Recently, Keith successfully led the Australian social media start-up through a rebrand, redevelopment and relaunch before selling the social network to one of Europe's leading media and internet company's. Keith is currently chief operating officer at a disruptive digital start-up, Blackpurl.

In recognition of his exemplary service in the classroom, Keith has been selected as a member of General Assembly's Distinguished Faculty program.