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Mansoor Siddeeq
Mansoor Siddeeq
Support Engineer, Salesforce Pardot
Coding Coding

Mansoor Siddeeq is a Web/Salesforce Developer with a passion for Front End Web Development. Mansoor started his career as the lead developer/designer at a small e-commerce shop in Indianapolis, IN, and eventually moved to Atlanta, GA to work as a Tier 3 Support Engineer at Salesforce Pardot. In 2010, Mansoor graduated from IUPUI with a degree in New Media Informatics, and has been an avid member of the freelance community ever since. These days, you can find Mansoor busy designing crisp online user experiences, and developing interactive websites and applications on the Salesforce Force.com platform. In his spare time, Mansoor enjoys playing pickup soccer with the local soccer clubs in Atlanta, getting his limited edition sneakers dirty looking for the best photography shot, and just kicking back with with his family and friends.