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Premkumar Chandrashegaran
Premkumar Chandrashegaran
Head of Data Science at Oxygen
Data Data

Prem has an extensive experience as a practitioner and trainer in the area of Data and Analytics, and Engineering with over 10 years of experience in the Corporate and Training industry.


His experience lies in planning, executing and deploying AI models for maintenance, anomaly and fraud detection, petrophysics, econometrics, and text analytics by utilizing the latest technologies focusing on Data Science and AI.


Prem is a Microsoft Certified Trainer in Data Science, a HRD Corp-certified trainer, and a Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)-approved Assistant Professor. He has previously held Oil & Gas roles at Shell, Schlumberger, Ranhill Worley Parsons, Cloud IOT, as well as Education roles at Heriot-Watt University, UCSI University, Udacity, and The Center of Applied Data Science. Prem is also a keen fitness enthusiast.