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Digital Marketing Immersive Expert Instructor Pool (3 Months Contract)

We are continuously looking for experts in Digital Marketing to become part of our pool of Immersive instructors. By joining us, you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge with others, develop your mentorship and teaching skills, build your personal brand and join a global community of Digital Marketing experts. 

For our immersive programmes, you are required to be available for the duration of the immersive, 3 months, Monday to Friday, 9am -5pm.


Key Responsibilities and Knowledge Required:

  • Foundations and Insights - Gain familiarity with key digital marketing concepts and the vast landscape of tools and techniques, differentiate between a strategy, plan, and campaign and the inputs needed for each, understand how data and customer-first thinking has changed the world of marketing, practice using tools and techniques for gaining insight into your audience, create personas and a customer journey map, and relate to brand values and positioning.
  • Contents, Search, and Sites - Develop a purpose-driven content marketing strategy, teach how to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of content assets, dive into the power of video content and what makes successful visual campaigns, explain the key on- and off-page optimizations, how to tailor a website’s structure for search engine optimization (SEO), perform keyword research and explain its use in digital copywriting and SEO, understand best practices for driving website conversions and suggest improvements based on A/B testing with Optimizely, build and manage a mobile-optimized website on WordPress, and explain HTML, CSS, and coding fundamentals.
  • Paid Search, Analytics, and Martech - bidding strategies and best practices for paid search, gain familiarity with the Google AdWords interface, explore marketing math and attribution models, practice analyzing performance and optimizing campaigns with Google Analytics and build reports with Google Data Studio, plan a multichannel campaign budget, discover marketing tech platforms like HubSpot and the fundamentals of a customer data strategy, create one-to-one campaigns using email, SMS, and chatbots, identify opportunities for automation in the context of the customer journey.
  • Social Media and Media Planning - Differentiate between paid, earned, and owned social campaigns and how to plan a multipronged social strategy, design paid campaigns using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, measure, test, and learn from your audience using social listening tools, understand marketing, agency, and publisher dynamics, write a media brief and evaluate agency pitches, describe how innovations like programmatic ad buying are disrupting the industry, outline best practices for marketing on mobile, the role of apps versus mobile sites, and how to factor location into campaigns.
  • Working With Clients - Collaborate with fellow marketers on a team project with a real client, meet with client stakeholders to develop a marketing strategy tied to business goals, practice communication and presentation skills by pitching your team’s strategy and campaign plan back to the client.


Skills and Qualifications:   

  • Lead Instructor - Minimum 5 years working experience in Marketing or Digital Marketing either in academia or industry
  • Teaching Assistant - Less than 5 years with work experience in the industry and/or a relevant degree qualification e.g. Marketing, Digital Marketing
  • Strong communication skills
  • Passion for teaching and mentoring others


Instructors Perks

  • Flexible Scheduling - Choose a timing that works for you
  • On-Going Training - Opportunity to train, research, and learn in the field of Digital Marketing on-the-job
  • Global Connection - Collaborate with a growing network of fellow instructors and active data science communities
  • Competitive pay - Opportunity to earn an additional income at an industry competitive rate