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Instructional Designer

We are looking for an Instructional Designer to become part of our expert pool of the Content Development team. By joining us, you'll lead, manage, design, develop training strategies and programmes to support the delivery team in module development, assessments and competency frameworks. If you are selected to become part of our expert instructional designer pool, you will automatically be considered for content development whenever relevant opportunities arise. Our instructional designers come from a variety of backgrounds including full-time working professionals, freelancers and academics. What they share in common is a passion for sharing their knowledge and industry insights to build upskilling and reskilling programs.


Key Responsibilities

  • Able to identify, collaborate or work with GA subject experts to develop modules/ course content for adult learners, assessments and competency frameworks
  • Able to lead, manage, design and develop courses and curriculum including designing learning activities, assignments, and assessments
  • Able to create computer-based training (CBT) modules and storyboards if required
  • Edit and develop online learning materials and creates learning experiences and environments
  • Develop instructor’s manuals, rubrics, and other teaching tools
  • Analyze, update and refine content based on user feedback
  • Keeps current on best practices in instructional design


Skills and Qualification of an Ideal Candidate:

  • Excellent project management and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of instructional theory, including assessment
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including the ability to effectively convey technical information to non-technical colleagues and clients
  • Strong critical thinking skills, ownership mindset, facilitation skills, excellent interpersonal skills,and welcomes constructive feedback, has learning agility
  • Previous experience in instructional design for courses related to project management, data analytics, innovation, marketing, design, technology/engineering, cyber security E.g. focused on property management, banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, AI industry or other related field is an advantage
  • Work experience in the industry and/or a relevant degree qualification in instructional design, education, or related field


Instructional Designer Perks

  • Flexible Scheduling - Choose a timing that works for you, online or onsite and lead your project upon confirmation
  • Global Connection - Collaborate with a growing network of instructional designers and subject expert
  • Competitive pay - Opportunity to earn an additional income at an industry competitive rate/li>