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MySTEP Programme 2021 MySTEP Programme 2021

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What is this programme about?

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Why apply?

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Are you eligible?



  • Malaysian Citizen
  • Between the ages of 20-35


  • Unemployed for a minimum of 6 months


  • Graduated from an accredited university with a recognised Bachelor’s degree or diploma (foreign universities included)
  • Minimum CGPA of 2.8 (and the equivalent)


  • Have not participated in any MyStep 2021 Programme or similar programme
  • Intend to seek full-time employment within 2021
  • Possess strong interest towards digital skills 
  • Maximum 5-years full-time work experience
  • Must be able to commit full-time for 4-months

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What to expect?

Courses offered under the MySTEP programme 2021

What we are offering What we are offering

Hear from our graduates


"I took the course in the midst of the pandemic so it was remote (online). GA still managed to conduct the course in a very diverse and interactive manner. I got to learn and network with people from different parts of the world and education background. This course helped me in my career as it taught me how to bring a product from the ideation to execution and how to actively communicate as a product manager.

Tasha Jayabalan

Strategy and Market Developement


"The skills I gained through this program have provided me with the neccesary tools that allows me to work in the data analytics field. I am able to use these skills to see trhough a successful project. There was even a career talk session where graduates learn not just about the course but also on how to improve our personal brand in securing a job. GA has helped me achieve my goals by giving me opportunities in a new career path where I am passionate most. There was even a career talk session where graduates learn not just about the course but also on how to improve our personal brand in securing a job.

Mohamad Ammar bin Othman

Graduate of Bachelor's Degree in Actuarial Science


"I chose a General Assembly course due to its worldwide presence and good reviews from a few data bloggers. At the end of each class, the instructor will give us a take home test, to strengthen our understanding. What's great about GA is that they hire professional practitioners as instructors. My instructor was Greg Baker, who used to work with Google and he has vast experience dealing with real-world problems.

Syafiq Habsirun

Manager (Data Analytics), Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Meet our industry-practitioner instructors


Greg Baker

Data Analytics


Premkumar Chandrashegaran

Python Programming


Siew Ling

UX Design


Nur Farzana binti Amir Suharman

Data Analytics


Stephen Toms

Digital Marketing

Have more questions?

How long is this programme?

This programme will run for 4-months. It starts with 3 weeks of digital skills training followed by 3 weeks of professional skills training. You will use the remaining time to achieve complete milestones in order for you to graduate from the programme.

Will I be employed during this programme?

Yes. You will be employed by our programme implementer Pilihan Wibawa for the duration of the 4-month programme or until you secure a job opportunity (whichever comes first).

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes! If you successfully pass this course, you will receive a certificate of completion. Thousands of GA alumni use their course certificate to demonstrate skills to employers and their Linkedin network.

Will I get a job after this?

We aim to place successful graduates either within 6 months of starting the programme, or by 31 December 2021 (whichever comes first).

Will I receive an allowance during the programme?

Yes, you will receive a monthly allowance of RM2,000 from our programme implementer Pilihan Wibawa, as long as you fulfill the criteria and milestones required on a weekly basis. Allowances will be disbursed at the end of every 4 weeks. Please note, no relocation allowance will be provided.

Where can I find more details about the courses and the course start date?

Details about the courses can be found here (

Classes will be held in batches of 4 cohorts. The start dates are:

  • Cohort 1: 8 Jun 2021 // Data Analytics, Python Programming, UX Design
  • Cohort 2: 21 Jun 2021 // Data Analytics, Python Programming, Digital Marketing
  • Cohort 3: 5 Jul 2021 // Data Analytics, Python Programming, Front End Development
  • Cohort 4: 19 Jul 2021 // Data Analytics, Python Programming, JavaScript
Can I apply for more than one course?

No, you are only eligible to apply for one course. You also must not have participated in any MySTEP Programme 2021 or other similar programmes.

If I decide I no longer want to participate, what penalties will I incur?

There will be no penalty, however your employment contract with Pilihan Wibawa, will be terminated.

What if I get a job before the course starts?

You will no longer be eligible for the programme.

Will the courses be held onsite or virtually and what do I need to prepare beforehand?

All our courses will be held virtually (online). You will require access to a computer/laptop and a stable Internet connection.

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