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Hire & upskill digital talent with MYWiT

Powered by MDEC, this programme offers hiring and training incentives to
help companies build a strong digital workforce and accelerate their digital readiness

Salary Subsidy

Salary subsidy of up to RM2,600/pax per month to hire new top-quality talent at a reduced cost

Training Subsidy

Training subsidy of up to RM8,000/pax to upskill new hires via a General Assembly course


Which job areas are eligible for this programme?

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resource
  • Marketing
  • Content Moderation
  • Customer Experience
  • Data Science
  • Software Development
  • Cybersecurity





Train your workforce with our globally-recognised,
award-winning digital courses

Work & Learn

● Data Analytics Bootcamp

● Data Science Bootcamp

● Javascript Development Bootcamp

● Python Programming Bootcamp

● React Development Bootcamp

● Software Engineering Immersive

Career Upgrade

● Data Analytics Bootcamp

● Data Science Immersive

● Front-End Web Development


Learning on Demand

● Data Analysis On Demand

● UX Design On Demand

How can I apply?

Have questions?

What is MYWiT?

MYWiT is an MDEC incentive programme under the 2021 Budget to spur job creation and reduce unemployment. General Assembly Malaysia is a partner in providing training courses under this programme.

This incentive consists of 2 programmes: Digital Tech Apprenticeship (DTA) and Digital Business Services (DBS).

Is my company eligible?

You are eligible for the MYWiT programme if your company is:

  • Incorporated in Malaysia
  • Have a minimum capital of RM20,000
  • Not dormant or subject to any liquidation/winding up order
  • Not a current recipient of any other MDEC grants
  • Not a public-sector, federal, state statutory body or local authority (PBT)
  • Has no relations with any board member, shareholder, or employee of MDEC
How can I know more about the salary and training incentives?

After filling up the registration form, our team will contact you and guide you through the details of the programme. We will advice you on the incentives offered based on your hiring & training needs.

How many employees can I apply for to be under this programme?

Companies/employers can apply up to a maximum of 500 pax for DBS and/or 50 pax for DTA subject to grant availability and approval.

How long are the General Assembly training courses?

Each course typically runs for 10 weeks, for a total of 40 hours of training. For Data Science Immersive and Software Engineering Immersive courses, however, the classes will run for 12 weeks.

How will the courses be conducted?

All courses are instructor-led and will be held completely online.

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